Curiosities Museum Wilmington, NC
The Laser Vault Room
Antiques Museum Wilmington, NC

Laser Vault Maze 
Wilmington NC

What is a Laser Vault ?
Imagine ahead of you the mysterious room - full of challenge - You enter and as you cross the starting point, the LASERS POP to life.

Instantly the room is filled with brilliant green lasers radiating from the walls... Music and light effects transport you into your favorite Mission Impossible movie scene or Raiders of the Lost Arc thriller!

Your time is limited - the lower your time, the better. (before the police show up!)  Your mission, is to navigate the criss cross laser beams without breaking a beam. Don't worry, they're harmless and no ALARM will sound, but you'll be penalized with time added to your score.

As you expertly navigate the Laser Vault through the tangled web of lasers, you go over some, under others as quickly as possible on your mission to the end of the room!

When you reach the end and navigate beyond the final laser beam, you select the Mission Complete which finishes your challenge and determines your time/score. But you’re not done yet! The Laser Vault is easy to learn, but impossible to master, so you can’t wait to play again…Good Luck!
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