Read What Our Satisfied Guests Have Had To Say!

We’ve already told you about our Odditorium and seasonal events, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our past guests always have a thing or two to say about Museum of the Bizarre!

Lots of creativity and amusement! Unique, exciting and very welcoming!

- Francise DeJesus, 5 Stars

Very fun, very inexpensive! Definitely worth the check out.

Pete Bottiglieri, 5 Stars

Fun time with the family and inexpensive!

- Stanley G. Wardrip Jr., 4 Stars

Lots of fun!!!

- Lisa Davis, 5 Stars

Kathryn M. Chesapeake, VA
This little museum was just something we passed downtown in Wilmington. The man up front was extremely friendly. It was only $3 a person and our 3 year old was free. Very interesting things to see and some were a bit creepy, all the more fun! They had free ice pops for everyone as well.

Kathryn M.
I'm officially creeped out.

Cynthia S. Cary, NC
The very friendly lady told me when we went in that they opened only 11 weeks ago. They are on the right track. It was a no-brainer going here, as it was conveniently located next door to the serpentarium, and it was only $3 to get in pp. … I feel I got my $3 worth. Weird stuff, rare items, silly stuff, scary stuff, and items used in films. Good luck with your new business, will check in again at some point to see what else you all add!

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It’s been almost 48 hours since my visit to the Museum of Nightmares, and I'm still processing what an amazing experience it was! Me and my friends drove 2 hours to visit Museum of Nightmares we came with a group of 10 they gave us a great group Discount $10 each, it was beyond worth it. I've been to my fair share of haunted houses, but none of them have had such attention to detail and quality scares as this one. The actors and actresses know exactly how to get in your head, like those darn clowns. Props to the special effects also.

- Zuberandor Chessiex, 5 Stars

This place was awesome...I have been going to haunted attractions for many years and this one was very well done!

- Chuck Correll, 5 Stars

Museum tour was really scary, I actually screamed a couple times, and jumped out of my skin a couple more times. They put on an awesome show for sure, I will be going back again before Halloween is over!

- Lisa Jane Morgan, 5 Stars

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